Bernard Q-Gun Series Air-Cooled MIG Guns


Bernard Q-Gun MIG Gun

Q-Gun Series 400 amp model

Q-Gun MIG Gun
with OXO™ Style Handle

and Centerfire Consumables


Bernard Q-Gun™ MIG Guns are designed from the ground up to solve problems, maximize productivity and improve your bottom line.  Our Q-Gun Series is customizable to your specifications in order to get the job done right.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple lightweight, comfortable handle and easy-to-change trigger options allow guns to be performance matched to user preference. Trigger designed and built to last more than 1 million cycles.
  • Back end with durable rigid strain relief ; easily interchangeable direct plugs and trigger leads connect to wire feeders and machines from major manufacturers and allow simple maintenance
  • Unicable equipped with Stay-Tite™ technology and internal gas hose that resists kinking, improves gas flow and feedability
  • Fixed, rotatable or flexible necks available to improve operator comfort. Rotatable necks changeover without tools.
  • Jump Liner allows quick neck change and replacement of only most commonly worn or clogged liner area, which reduces the amount of time a gun is offline and minimizes inventory.
  • Contact tip options include the Centerfire and Quik Tip Consumables which are available in wire sizes from 0.023" (0.6 mm) to 1/8" (3.2 mm)
  • Amperage ratings at 100% duty cycle with CO2 gas:  200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 amp


  • Specialty Necks
  • Trigger Options
  • Dual Schedule Switch
  • Gun Hanger
  • Repair Kits