Double-Life MIG Gun System

Double the life of your Bernard™ T-GUN™ Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun!

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YouTube icon Watch a step-by-step video to see how to double the life of your Bernard T-GUN Compact Series or Bernard T-GUN Straight Handle MIG Gun!

It's common for the front end of a MIG gun to get beat up from ongoing use. The front end of the cable becomes worn to the point where some may choose to use tape over the damaged areas, but once the cable is worn through, it can lead to welding issues and eventually the MIG gun will need to be replaced.

This innovative system allows you to extend the life of your MIG gun. Our built-to-order MIG guns keep on welding in the harshest and most abusive environments.

The front and back of our Bernard T-Gun™ Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns (formerly the Tregaskiss TOUGH GUN Semi-Automatic MIG Guns) have identical handles and internal connections. Once the front end of the cable becomes worn, simply "flip-flop" the gooseneck and trigger switch from the front end of the gun with the power pin on the back. This results in a newer front handle to work with and the beat up handle and worn cable moves to the feeder end of the MIG gun!


Double-Life MIG Gun System for Bernard T-Gun Series MIG Guns


The Double-Life MIG Gun System is not applicable to the 650 amp or Bernard T-Gun Water-Cooled Gun models or OXO™ and Euro power pin options.