How To Install or Replace a Bernard Quick Disconnect on a Best of the Best Platform MIG Gun


  1. Remove liner from gun assembly. Viewing quick disconnect from cable end, align wave spring and large snap ring with opening access slot. Compress large snap ring with internal snap ring pliers and remove locking sleeve. Remove small external snap ring with external snap ring pliers from power pin.
  2. Remove the control leads from the rigid strain relief by compressing the locking tabs on the contact pins with needle nose pliers and pulling the lead wire to unseat cap and sleeve assembly.
  3. Unthread power pin from end fitting with appropriate wrenches in a counterclockwise rotation. The gas pin may be disassembled by removing the small retaining ring and pulling the pin from the rigid strain relief.
  4. Test contact pins for continuity when trigger is engaged.
  5. Inspect all components for cracks, debris, excessive wear and breakage. Replace with new components if safety or performance of product is compromised.
  6. Thread power pin onto cable end fitting and torque to 17 ft.-lbs. (23 Nm) minimum.