How To Install or Replace a Euro Power Pin on a BTB Platform Gun


  1. Remove liner and strain relief from the gun assembly. Disconnect the Euro block leads from the gun by cutting as close as possible on both sides of the butt connectors in order to preserve wire for later retermination.

  2. Slide adaptor nut toward cable, thus exposing the Euro block. Remove Euro block from end fitting using wrenches in a counterclockwise rotation.
  3. Test lead wires for continuity when trigger is engaged.
  4. Slide adaptor nut over cable with internal threads facing toward rear of the gun.
  5. Assemble Euro block onto end fitting in a clockwise rotation using appropriate wrenches. Torque to 17 ft.-lbs. (23 Nm). Seat adaptor nut on Euro block. Adaptor nut should rotate freely.
  6. Strip the control leads 1/4” (6.5 mm) and reterminate with appropriate butt connectors.
  7. Install strain relief and liner.