How to Repair the Cable on a BTB MIG Gun with a T Series Large Straight Handle

Remove consumables (Nozzle, Retaining Head, Contact Tip).

Remove the liner from the gun.

Mount neck in the vise.

Disassemble handle and remove switch from leads.

Move the handle back.

Bend cable behind connector cone. Cut cable at bend.

Slide two large “Oetiker” clamps 1.5 ft. down the cable (required for crimping later).

From your cut (end of cable), measure 3” back and cut away the outer jacket of the cable. **Be careful not to cut the copper wiring and leads**

Slide outer jacket forward to expose the copper wiring and leads.

Pull out the lead wires.
From the 3” cut, measure 2” towards the front of the gun and cut off the excess cable.

Fan back copper and remove 1/4” of the gas conduit.

Take the old liner you just removed and cut it to approximately 2 ft. long.

Thread cone onto vise mounted neck.

Insert the 2 ft. of old liner into the neck from the front end of the neck, then slide on the support tube.

Slide small Oetiker clamp over top of gas conduit.

Using the 2' old liner as a guide, slide the gas conduit over the support tube and up to the cone shoulder. Crimp the support tube clamp. Crimp between the black and white switch leads.

Position copper wires between roll marked numbers on cone and first step before threads. Crimp the large Oetiker clamps 1/4” and 1” behind the outer jacket at the front of the gun.

Fan the copper evenly around the gas conduit up to the shoulder of the Cone Connector. Thread on the Cone Nut onto Connector Cone. Torque the Cone Nut to 30 ft.-lbs (there should be about a 1/8” gap between the cone and cone nut).

Using 3/4” Teflon electrical tape, wrap up the copper and spare switch leads neatly. Loop the 2 switch leads that will be used. This is to ensure that there is enough slack in the wire for gun articulation. Make sure that the control wire sheath is over switch leads where the cone and cone nut are to prevent any wear.

Pull up the handle and feed switch leads through handle.

Strip leads about 1/8” back and crimp switch terminals to open leads.

Connect the leads to the switch, and lay the switch back into the housing.

Reinstall switch and handle.