Major Industries Served

Although Bernard welding guns and consumables can be found in almost all industries that employ GMAW or FCAW welding, products and information specific to several key industries are provided below:


Heavy Equipment Industry - Bernard Semi-Automatic Welding Products

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

The high-amperage applications found in heavy equipment manufacturing call for the most rugged welding equipment. Bernard semi-automatic MIG guns and consumables are up to the challenge.

Popular Products for Heavy Equipment Manufacturing


Shipbuilding and Repair - Bernard Semi-Automatic Welding Products

Shipbuilding and Repair

Bernard helps ensure you meet your tough deadlines and achieve the best quality on every shipbuilding and repair application – no matter how difficult.

Popular Products for Shipbuilding and Repair

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Pipeline Industry - Bernard Semi-Automatic Welding Products


Self-shielded flux-cored welding guns and durable consumables from Bernard can help give you the edge to complete your pipeline projects faster and with less rework. 

Popular Products for Pipeline

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Fabrication Industry - Bernard Semi-Automatic Welding Products


Bernard MIG guns can be configured to meet the needs of most any fabrication application. This versatility gives you the power to customize your product for your optimal comfort and control.

Popular Products for Fabrication

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