Bernard® MIG Guns, Consumables and Accessories


Load and lock with AccuLock S Consumables for fewer wire-feeding problems and more productivity!

Semi-Automatic MIG Welding Guns and Consumables for the Most Demanding Welding Applications

Consider the impact of MIG guns on your business.
As much as 85% of hand-held welding costs are labor related.
What is the real cost of using outdated equipment with poor ergonomics and excessive consumable and replacement part inventories?

The Bernard team can help all of your welders configure the MIG gun that is perfectly suited to their preferences and welding applications while keeping related parts and consumables to a minimum. Happy and healthy welders are productive welders – a win-win for all involved!

MIG Welding Guns

Bernard BTB Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns    TGX Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns    250 amp S-Gun Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun 



 TGX™ MIG Guns


250 amp S-Gun™ MIG Guns

Bernard W-Gun Semi-Automatic Water-Cooled MIG Gun   Bernard T-Gun Semi-Automatic Water-Cooled MIG Guns    

W-Gun™ Water-Cooled Guns


T-Gun™ Water-Cooled Guns


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Fume Extraction Welding Guns

 Bernard Clean Air Straight Handle Fume Extraction Welding Gun        

 Clean Air™ MIG Guns


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Self-Shielded Flux-Cored FCAW Guns

 Bernard Dura-Flux FCAW Gun with a Fixed Cable Liner    Bernard Dura-Flux FCAW Gun with a Replaceable Liner    

 Dura-Flux™ Guns
with Fixed Cable Liner


 Dura-Flux Guns
with Replaceable Cable Liner


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MIG Welding Consumables

 Bernard AccuLock S (Semi-Auto) MIG Welding Consumables    Bernard Centerfire MIG Welding Consumables    Bernard Quik Tip MIG Welding Consumables

AccuLock™ S Consumables


 Centerfire™ Consumables


 Quik Tip™ Consumables

 TOUGH LOCK MIG Welding Consumables    Bernard Jump Liners    Bernard Universal Conventional Liners

TOUGH LOCK™ Consumables


Jump Liners


 Universal Conventional Liners

 Bernard AccuLock S (Semi-Auto) MIG Gun Liners    QUICK LOAD Liners    QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System

 AccuLock™ S Liners




 QUICK LOAD™ Liner AutoLength™ System



Replacement Parts

 Bernard MIG Gun Necks    Bernard Specialty MIG Gun Necks    Bernard Power Pins

MIG Gun Necks


 Specialty Necks


 Power Pins

 Bernard Quick Connect Blocks and Adaptors    Bernard Control Plugs    

Quick Connect Blocks and Adaptors


 Control Plugs and Leads


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Manual Welding Accessories

 Bernard Shortstub Stick Electrode Holder        

Shortstub™ Stick Electrode Holder


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