SYSTEM UPDATE – New Gun Part Numbers for Best of the Best Platform

All Bernard Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Guns under the new Best of the Best Platform will have new part numbering as of June 2, 2014.

Former Q-Gun™ and S-Gun™ MIG Guns will require an additional character added to the end of the existing part numbers to allow for new liner selection options. Former T-Gun™ MIG Guns will be adopting Q-Gun style part numbering for consistency across all guns within the new single configurator. Example old and new part numbers are shown below:

Gun Line

Old Part Number

New Part Number

Q-Gun MIG Guns



S-Gun MIG Guns



T-Gun MIG Guns



For a limited time from June 2 until August 1, 2014, both old and new part numbers will be supported in our system to allow our distribution partners to update their computer systems.

To assist our customers in converting old gun part numbers to new Best of the Best Platform part numbers, we have created an online conversion tool. To populate the data in the tool, Q-Gun, S-Gun and T-Gun MIG Gun part numbers configured between April 2011 and April 2014 were pulled and converted to the new part numbering system. Click here to access this conversion tool.